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A d d e d V a l u e Solutions

Payment ID

Assigning a traceable Id to each payment,this service allows merchants to track each transaction easily and have access to the payer’s identity,in case of necessity.

Split Transactions

This service enables merchants to divide received transactions into multiple accounts based on their pre-defined preferences

Multi-Accounts Terminal

This service enables merchants to associate all their different bank accounts to a single Point of Sale terminal and allocate a predefined amount of payment or number of transactions to each account. Also this service allows for the easy management of multiple shift patterns.

Multiple Merchants Terminal

This service allows several business owners or entities to associate their own bank account into a single terminal. Each merchant can easily designate which account the sale should be applied at the time of purchase.

Customized Menu and Receipt

Refund and Discount

Mobile Phone Recharges

B u s i n e s s Management S e r v i c e s

Merchants’ Customer Club and Loyalty Program

In order to build a successful customer club for your customers, what you need is a strong infrastructure that provides you accurate data and advices. We offer you beneficial solutions for segmented marketing and sales.

Report Services

Merchant portal, Web-based Reports, Auto SMS Receipt and, Pulse are different ways by which we offer a variety of transactions and balance reports


Pulse is a mobile dashboard designed for full support of our POS merchants


An Alive Payment Tool